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Soap Saver


A snuggly home for your soap. Ever wonder what to do with those little bits of squishy soap? Well, we have the solution! 

Just pop all your little soaps in this natural sisal soap saver bag and use it as a soapy exfoliator for your whole body.

Hang it up in the shower to dry and reuse it over and over! At the end of it's life you can pop it straight into your compost!

1 x Sisal Soap Saver bag/body exfoliator

Our soap saver bag is a double threat, it's a great way to use the small left over pieces of your body or shampoo bar as well as being a fabulous body exfoliator. It truly feels beautiful on your skin. The all natural sisal fibres make it home compostable so it's planet friendly to boot!

14 x 10cm

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