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Rectangle Eco Stow Set

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So organised, so beautiful & so not plastic - what else would you want in a food container?

Customers swoon over these beauties, and it's not just about how their pantries pretty up - it's how they function better too.

Your foodstuffs are better organised, you can cook in the glass then store in the fridge, while the silicone seal inside the bamboo lid keeps food fresh and non leaky.

You don't need to be an eco warrior to enjoy these, just a lover of beautiful things, including our oceans - let's do this no-plastic thing!

What you get:

1 x Set of 4 Rectangle Eco Stows: 370ml, 640ml, 1040ml and 1520ml

There's so much to love about our Rectangle Eco Stows! Their lids are made from FSC Bamboo & they have a versatile borosilicate glass body. 100% plastic-free and airtight to keep your wet and dry foods fresh. The containers are microwave, freezer, oven and dishwasher safe. Such an easy way to use less plastic! The silicone seals are BPA-free.

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