Seed & Sprout

Organic Farmers Market Set

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14 pieces of practical & planet friendly bags that will eliminate plastic & eco-fy how you shop!

Get used to toting this lightweight set of certified Organic Cotton reusable shopping bags (maybe even stash a spare set in your boot) and you'll never be stuck using plastic again!

14 pieces mean you'll be able to carry everything from bulk glass food jars to fresh fruit and veg and every imaginable grocery item without them all bashing into each other.

And they look so high quality & stylish, that you'll have people asking where you got them (which happens a lot - ask our customers). This is one of our longest running best sellers and we're so excited for you to get your hands on a set!

What You Get:
- 2 x Seed & Sprout Branded Pocket Totes: Large, canvas and super sturdy reusable market bags with six large interior pockets for keeping organised, balancing weight and so jars and veg don't bang up against each other
- 2 x Seed & Sprout Branded Mixed Mesh Totes: Handy "go-everywhere" string bags with canvas bottoms to stop things falling out
- 5 x assorted size Mesh Produce Bags: Shop loose fruit and veggies like onions and tomatoes
- 4 x assorted size Bulk Food Bags: The fine mesh keeps bread fresh; also perfect for finer items like when you buy bulk flours, lentils and nuts
- 1 x Organic Cotton Large Bread Bag

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