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Simple, classic, elegant. Perfect for trips to the market. Also suited to display and storage in the living room, laundry, or even the kitchen counter.

As these baskets are handmade, diameter will vary within these specifications.
These Large Round Baskets are hand-woven from the elephant grass which grows in the rich flood plains of the White Volta near the village of Bolgatanga, Northern Ghana.

They are perfect for shopping, in the garden, around the home or just sitting pretty. 

Our baskets come flat, so to re-shape please follow the below instructions.

Soak the basket.

This can be done in the sink, bath or under the shower.

Work the reed.

The reed becomes malleable when soaked. Work them gently and start forming the basket into the shape you desire. We find that a round and symmetrical finish looks the best.

Leave it to dry.

Once you’re happy with the shape simply leave it to dry, preferably somewhere with decent drainage so that water doesn’t pool underneath (which will slow down the drying process).


They can be used for storing hand towels, great in the garden, fill with small river pebbles for a door stop or laundry baskets. Don’t forget to take them along to your farmers market as an eco friendly carry all.

Since our vegan baskets do not include reinforced leather handles, please treat them gently.

Country: Ghana

SMALL: Diameter: 18cm – 22cm

MEDIUM: Diameter: 32cm  // 19 cm height  (height excludes handle)

LARGE: Diameter: 36cm – 42cm

Assorted colours

Colour: Natural

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