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Large World Atlas Wall Hanging

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The World Atlas Wall Hanging is a beautiful piece for those avid travellers. This piece is made slow and truly by hand. The artwork is all hand illustrated and the design is then screen printed manually onto hand loomed African Mudcloth. The fabric is sourced from Côte d'Ivoire in West Africa, where men of the village hand loom this amazing raw cotton into strips, piece by piece. The strips are then all hand sewn together to create the fabric.


These pieces are sold in small drops due to the nature of this fabric os handmade and especially with Covid these days quite rare. These pieces are sold in small drops also is in line with Atlas' sustainabilty practices. These are slow made and therefore these are one off pieces, each one different and unique


Limited amount left and will not be producing for again/or a long time due to the rarity of this fabric.

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