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Hemp Tea Towel Set - Graphite


These are the tea towels you've been waiting for! Made from Hemp (one of our favourite sustainable materials) this super durable & absorbent fabric makes the perfect tea towel.

Perfect for drying dishes or vegetables, covering dough, wrapping bread or covering food at picnics or BBQs - and looking stylish while you're at it!

Take your kitchen up a notch, elevate your entertaining and make your home that little bit more environmentally friendly with this new set.

- 1 x Graphite Stripe Tea Towel
- 1 x Graphite Check Tea Towel

Why We Love Them:
- Made from GOTS Hemp
- Machine washable
- Lightweight and super absorbent
- Perfect for drying dishes, wrapping bread or food
Each Tea Towel is 11cm x 25cm

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