Sun Chai

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Sun Chai

This delicious Ayurvedic inspired drink is full of luscious certified organic spices that offer potential health benefits and will warm you right up. 

Ceylon Cinnamon can help your brain function, protect you against toxins and microbes, plus balance your blood sugar. Turmeric can assist in reducing inflammation and some studies have shown it may have anti-aging benefits! Ginger and Cardamon are warming and calming. Whilst All-spice and Cloves have anti-bacterial properties. 

Drinking this delicious latte is not going to cure your ills, but it will, in a small way contribute to your good health. By adding spices to a balanced, nutritious, whole food diet we can enhance the beneficial effects of all the goodness we consume.

If you want more info and to check the science, head over to https://www.dbnutritionau.com/blog for more. 

Happy Sun Artwork by Melissa Grisancich

Ingredients: Ground true cinnamon* (Ceylon), ground turmeric*, ground cardamom*,  ground ginger*, ground all spice (pimento)*, ground cloves*

*Australian Certified Organic

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