We believe in slow made, hand made.
Each and every one of our products are ethically designed and made. 
Beautifully designed. Responsibly sourced. Fairly traded.
We work directly with talented Indigenous artisans and skilled multi-generational craftspeople producing culturally representative and authentic goods. We know where every piece is made, from start to finish.
We work collaboratively to preserve ancient techniques and art forms by highly skilled and talented craftspeople including metalworking, hand looming and weaving, sculpture, woodwork, garment craftsmanship and more. 
Supporting these cultural and traditional  methods enables artisans to earn living wages from their heritage crafts to support their family and villages.
Natural raw materials, locally-sourced fibres and natural dyes with minimal carbon footprint or environmental impact is extremely important to us when we design our collections.
With rattan being one of our main ethically sourced material, we have discovered by using this type of material it helps to preserves forests, provides sustainable incomes and has a reduced impact on the environment. 
Majority of our rattan range, including furniture, mirrors, pendants and decor pieces are handcrafted from a team of talented women. Seeing their intricate skills, weaving and craft used in our products is so beautiful. Each piece is unique and made with generational skill, time and passion.
Most importantly, our products are made to last. We want you to enjoy your pieces and to reuse and recycle. 
Pass onto generations to come and be conscious of our Mother Earth.