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Twin Palms Wall Hanging


The Twin Palms Wall Hanging was inspired by vintage textiles during travels in Hawaii. Made slow and truly by hand. The artwork is hand illustrated and printed onto hand loomed Vintage French Linen -  some pieces date to around 70 years old. This artisan fabric tells a story of it’s past life. It's well lived. With slight watermarks, it's beautifully worn appearance - it's perfectly imperfect. No two pieces the same. Each one different and beautiful in its own way. 

 The fabric is sourced from around the globe, yet the pieces are hand made locally in Australia.

The art pieces are made slowly and with care, therefore they are made in small limited runs as the material is quite rare while minimising wastage.

 The dimensions are roughly 56cm wide and 96cm with tassels. Tassels are 12cm in length.

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